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2nd Ohio city council limits payday lending

The city of Parma, Ohio has moved to restrict the opening of new payday lending stores according to this article.    Here’s the meat of the piece:

       The law allows one store for each 10,000 residents. There are seven stores now in the city. With an 80,000-plus population, one more lender could open.

It’s astonishing to the Payday Pundit that city councils believe they have the expertise to know exactly how many payday loan stores a city should have.   And wouldn’t more stores, not less, drive competition and keep costs low? 

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Send lawyers, guns & money

Funny blurb from the local Alexandria, Virginia newspaper:

When You Care Enough
The threat of a lawsuit is a time-honored motivational tool, and one that is a familiar weapon at City Hall. Since Councilman Justin Wilson announced a proposal to raise taxes on payday lenders and car-title lenders two payday-lending companies have sent lawyers to publicly threaten a lawsuit during two different public hearings. Wilson’s plan would hit all three payday lenders in Alexandria, but the vast majority of the new revenue would come from LoanMax, a car-title lending company located at the intersection of at the corner of Mount Vernon Avenue and West Glebe Road. The payday-lending companies sent several lawyers, but LoanMax hired a celebrity.

“All lenders don’t treat everybody the same,” said former City Councilman Lonnie Rich, representing LoanMax before the elected officials. “Everybody can’t walk down to Burke and Herbert to get a loan.” 


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Xenia, OH city council did it

They put restrictions on check cashing and payday loan stores.  Here’s the update in the Dayton Daily News

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What’s with city councils in Ohio?

Another city council in Ohio is considering a “moratorium” on payday lending.  According to this article, the city of Xenia would halt licenses for check cashers and payday lending stories for a year.   Darryl Dever, a lobbyist for the state association, defends the industry:

    “They are reacting to the emotional side of sensational claims people throw out there,” Dever said. “People make a conscious decision to use this product.”

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More nonsense out of Ohio

The Parma city council put restrictions on the number of “check cashing” stores in the city.   Currently, there are seven check cashing and payday lending stores in Parma.  The limit now is nine.

The Payday Pundit has a simple point to make:  It’s a $300 loan!

That’s right, the average payday loan is $300.   To paraphrase Churchill, never in the course of human history has so many made so much fuss over so little.    


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Another city council with a bad idea

The Alexandria, VA city council wants to impose a steep new tax on payday lenders according to this Washington Post article.   Advance America, the nation’s largest payday lending company is threatening to sue the city if it takes this step.  From the article:

Under the Alexandria proposal, payday and car-title lenders would face a business license tax of 58 cents for each $100 in gross receipts, up from 35 cents for each $100 of gross receipts, which is the general rate for financial services firms. The tax would generate an estimated $13,000 annually, which the city wants to devote to consumer financial education.

“I think it is a good symbolic gesture,” said Alexandria council member Rob Krupicka (D), but he said he is worried about the potential cost of litigation by payday lenders. “I don’t want to go down the path where we are paying more in legal fees than we are generating in revenue,” he said.

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Increased costs for consumers in Kansas City

Show-Me Daily offers their take on Tuesday’s disappointing vote in Kansas City.  Unfortunately, when legislation like this is passed, it’s not just businesses that suffer.  Consumers end up feeling the squeeze. 

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Has Yossarian* moved to Kansas City?

Last fall the Kansas City City Council passed new zoning regulations and additional restrictions on payday lenders, but the Council does not have the staff to oversee the new regulations, so they are now asking voters to approve a $1,000 annual fee per payday lending business in order to pay for 2-3 staff to oversee the new regulations. 


So, under the guise of “protecting consumers”, the Council passes more regulations, then wants to charge an extra $1000 per year per payday lender, a fee which will likely be passed on to their customers.  


Who exactly is being “protected?”



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Mike Strong lives up to his name

A payday lender from El Dorado, KS, Mike Strong, engaged is some fairly vigorous debate with anti-payday loan activists.  Mike deserves lots of kudos for walking into the lion’s den and putting up a fight.  There are a lot of Mike Strongs in the industry, but we can always use more.  

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