CFSA: We’re “payday” and we’re proud of it

A recent opinion piece in The Huffington Post (“New Name for Payday Won’t Fix It,” 08/29/12) is riddled with inaccuracies about the payday loan industry and the millions of Americans who turn to our product to manage financial obligations that come due before their next paycheck.

To be clear, CFSA does not advocate for H.R. 6139. And to be even clearer, H.R. 6139 does not include the payday loan product or any credit product with a term of 30 days or less.

CFSA member companies have long operated in a highly regulated environment – at both the state and federal level – and we believe such regulation is effective, balancing credit availability and consumer protection.

Lawmakers have acknowledged that consumers understand a payday advance is for short-term use. Just as a taxi is great for a short trip across town, it wouldn’t be economical on a journey from Los Angeles to Boston.

In fact, a payday advance can be the best option for short-term credit. It’s safe, reliable, and often less expensive than other alternatives, which include unregulated loans, overdraft usage, bounced checks, late payments to credit card companies, and utility reconnection fees.

Payday lenders provide a valuable service to American consumers, who can then keep their families and the economy moving forward. That’s a service we’re proud to offer.

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