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Four ways to pay a hefty tax bill

And our friends at Walletpop know them.

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Ten things we’re still splurging on

Out with chai lattes (whatever they are); in with personal care products.  It’s all on Walletpop.

The Payday Pundit is changing his spending habits by reducing his “travel to see relatives” budget and increasing the quality of his liquor purchases.   

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Macy’s down, Walmart up

The Payday Pundit doesn’t want to sound like a snob, but we’ve done a lot more shopping at Macy’s in our life than at Walmart.   These new posts at Walletpop are a sign of the times, though. 

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Overcharged at Macy’s

And fighting the IRS over 9 cents.   Some great new posts at Walletpop.

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There were “money winners” in ’08?

WalletPop thinks so.

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Don’t isolate yourself to save money

This blogger at WalletPop is concerned that too many people will save money by staying home and isolating themselves from society.  He has some solutions. 

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Trouble in the “Citi”

And other good posts from our friends at WalletPop.

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The Hierarchy of Bills

Many payday loan customers cite “paying bills late” as one of their options when they consider a payday loan. In fact, an estimated $57 billion in late bill payment fees were collected by businesses in just one year. If you are facing late payments, you may want to read WalletPop.

Are some bills less critical than others in the grand scheme of keeping a roof over your head and avoiding bankruptcy? In the short-term, yes. But know that paying bills late—no matter which ones—can really damage your credit record and score. However, if you’re in a major bind and need to temporarily pick and choose, here’s a hierarchy of periodic bills that need to be taken care of first and those that can wait. Starting with the most important, these are MainStreet’s suggestions.

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